“Kai’s Journey to Gold Mountain” Questions 10/21/10

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The students already have a copy. Just in case. Due tomorrow.

Kai’s Journey to Gold Mountain”

Questions must be written and answered in notebook. Page number where answers can be found are listed.

Draw Conclusions (118-119)

7. Why was Kai so excited to see the plum tree?

Summarize (118-119)

8. Explain how Kai and Young got the plums.

Apply comprehension strategies

Answer Questions

Question-Answer Relationships (review)

1.      Right there

2.      Think and search

3.      Author and You

4.      On your own

What kind of question-answer relationship is used in question 8?

Character Traits (pg.120-121)

9. After five weeks, Kai still believe that he would make it to the United States. What does this tell you about his character?

Make Inferences (pg. 120- 121)

10. Why did Young look envious when he saw Kai leave for his interrogation? (pg. 120-121)

Note Details (pg. 120-121)

11. How many people were involved in Kai’s interrogation? What were their roles?

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